Travel Photographer Matt Considine

Welcome to my website, I hope you enjoy my photography and stories from around the world.

Using my photography I aim to capture timeless images that illuminate the diversity of cultures and people of our world. My aim is to obtain images that respect human dignity and celebrate existence.

In addition I want to raise the awareness of some of the most amazing places and wildlife that exist in the natural world. I hope that when you see my images you will be inspired to visit these places. I want to illustrate why it is worth conserving these places and the plant and animal life they support.

To achieve these aims my travel photography encompasses images of people and their cultures as well as images of wildlife and landscape photography.

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Varanasi Fisherman at Dawn

Varanasi Fisherman at Dawn

For me this image captures something of the mystery of Varanasi. The fisherman is one world and he is reaching across the shimmering mirrored surface into another dark and mysterious world. This fisherman is a metaphor for the paradox of Varanasi, on the one hand the city provides the infrastructure to carry out the rituals [...]

India Varanasi Multimedia

India Varanasi Multimedia

This slideshow of varanasi is set to music chosen to elicit the feelings evoked by being in Varanasi. Varanasi may in someway seem a sombre city, but it is full of life and there is something profound in the contrast between the reality and the unflagging faith of the believers. I hope I have caught [...]

India – Rajasthan: Intro

India - Rajasthan: Intro

Rajasthan is an ancient and hard land, chock full of history and culture. It is a land of contrasts, old and new, rich and poor, barren and fertile and rich golden ochers back-lit with bright blue skies. For photographers this means Rajasthan offers an endless supply of subject matter. It is still India though, and [...]

India – Varanasi: Intro

India - Varanasi: Intro

Varanasi is a strange and ancient place, and by any measure confronting. Over 500 bodies are cremated on the ghats (banks) of the Ganges in Varanasi every day. The smoke from the pyres fills the air day and night. The huge piles of wood and the smoke stained buildings have a medieval otherworldly feel. Varanasi [...]