Travel Photographer Matt Considine

Welcome to my website, I hope you enjoy my photography and stories from around the world.

Using my photography I aim to capture timeless images that illuminate the diversity of cultures and people of our world. My aim is to obtain images that respect human dignity and celebrate existence.

In addition I want to raise the awareness of some of the most amazing places and wildlife that exist in the natural world. I hope that when you see my images you will be inspired to visit these places. I want to illustrate why it is worth conserving these places and the plant and animal life they support.

To achieve these aims my travel photography encompasses images of people and their cultures as well as images of wildlife and landscape photography.

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Yap – Micronesia

Yap – Stone Money & Island Culture, Micronesia

Yap – Stone Money & Island Culture, Micronesia

I remember learning about the stone money of Yap about the same time as I learnt about the pyramids of Egypt. These things can live in your imagination for so long that seeing them in real life can give you a sort of shock, as the details are filled in, and new unexpected features are [...]