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Welcome to my website, I hope you enjoy my photography and stories from around the world.

Using my photography I aim to capture timeless images that illuminate the diversity of cultures and people of our world. My aim is to obtain images that respect human dignity and celebrate existence.

In addition I want to raise the awareness of some of the most amazing places and wildlife that exist in the natural world. I hope that when you see my images you will be inspired to visit these places. I want to illustrate why it is worth conserving these places and the plant and animal life they support.

To achieve these aims my travel photography encompasses images of people and their cultures as well as images of wildlife and landscape photography.

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India – Rajasthan: Intro

Rajasthan is an ancient and hard land, chock full of history and culture. It is a land of contrasts, old and new, rich and poor, barren and fertile and rich golden ochers back-lit with bright blue skies.

For photographers this means Rajasthan offers an endless supply of subject matter. It is still India though, and that means you have to work at it to get the images that are out there. Some of the roads can be bumpy and even a little dangerous so you need to be careful. After seeing a few smoking truck wrecks, you realize the normal rules do not apply. Anyway, I will talk about how to travel safely in India in another blog, but the main thing is to avoid travel at night, since many of the trucks only have a single light and some have no lights at all!

Map of India Featuring Rajasthan

Map of India Featuring Rajasthan

On the other hand, the people of India are an absolute joy to photograph. Maybe it’s the Bollywood influence or just the fact that flamboyant color is so much a part of life in India, but nearly everyone is happy to get involved in your photography.

Rajasthan is the largest state in India, shares a border with Pakistan and has a huge number of palaces, forts, friendly villages, desert landscapes and amazing colors. There are mix of Muslim, Hindu, Sikhs and Jain peoples.

Having now traveled thousands of kilometers (& miles) through India, I keep thinking of the phrase “There are many Indias”. Each state in India is quite different to adjacent states and even within the huge state of Rajasthan there are mind boggling extremes. For example, I received the genuine rustic hospitality of simple village folk and just a few hours later experienced all the opulence of one the great palaces of Rajasthan.

Click on this link to view the full India – Rajasthan Gallery (photos by Travel Photographer Matt Considine).

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    Great photos of a very colorful place. Will always remember my first impression of India from the film ‘Phantom India’.

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    wow, it’s incredible. Your pictures told me about how wonderful India..I like it has so much colour and great places.