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Welcome to my website, I hope you enjoy my photography and stories from around the world.

Using my photography I aim to capture timeless images that illuminate the diversity of cultures and people of our world. My aim is to obtain images that respect human dignity and celebrate existence.

In addition I want to raise the awareness of some of the most amazing places and wildlife that exist in the natural world. I hope that when you see my images you will be inspired to visit these places. I want to illustrate why it is worth conserving these places and the plant and animal life they support.

To achieve these aims my travel photography encompasses images of people and their cultures as well as images of wildlife and landscape photography.

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Night Carnival – Agra to Delhi

Returning from Agra to Delhi by road is quite a long trip but there are some interesting things to see along the way. This nicely lit carnival was crowded with people having a good time. There were tuk-tuks everywhere cars and trucks parked at all angles.

There is something about India which strikes a chord in your heart, I cannot quiet pin it down. But it is melancholy, beautiful and sweet all at the same time. Despite the chaos and all the difficulties, the people really love their country and enjoy simple pleasures like this carnival.

One other thing, if ever you happen to be traveling between Agra and Delhi there is a little shop, apparently famous all over India, that sells an absolutely incredible sweet that melts in your mouth. It is a little like a Turkish Delight, but far better than any I have ever tasted before. I do not recall the name of the shop right now, but if anyone reading this knows, drop me a line and I will update the post. In any case your driver will certainly know about the shop.

Travel Photographer Matt Considine

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  • Mariam

    Matt, is this picture for real? I am stunned by it, it looks amazing and the capture and lightning are just amazing! I am planning a trip to India, as we were thinking Goa, but Delhi is going to be for sure in the list,so I am drawing ideas from your posts! Cheers!

    • Matt Considine

      Hi Monique,

      Yes its for real.

      Traveling in India at night there are sometimes not many street lights which means it can be quite dark, so it was dazzling to find this large festival with all its lights and people having a good time.
      India is a great destination, particularly for anyone interested in photography, it is a huge country with a long and interesting history with many interesting things to see.
      Best wishes for your travels, have a great time!